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Cultural Tour Gauchos & Arts Legacy Full Day Experience

Tailored Cultural Tour Gauchos including the cultural and arts legacy of Gauchos and Criollos beautifully preserved since the colonial times in this area of the Pampa of Argentina: in towns and Estancias.           San Antonio de Areco is a community that nested...

Alfajor Chocolate Areco

The Alfajor Chocolate Areco:   37 years ago, the teachers Carlos Gabba and Teresa decided to produce alfajores to be sold to the few tourists who came to San Antonio de Areco.   "They visited the Güiraldes Museum, Dragui silversmiths, maybe an Estancia and then had...

Social Responsibility Areco Town

Camino Pampa takes its Social Responsibility Areco with this tourism destination: San Antonio de Areco   * Travel is an Exchange: We have the opportunity for a cross-cultural understanding with our visitors, the best way of providing them with a unique experience, and...

Tripadvisor : Four Years in a row Certificate of Excellence

Camino Pampa has been honored with Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for four years in a row!   First one: First award ever... so proud of the team, suppliers and customers... . . . Second one: Here we go! . . . Third: a lot of effort and determination . . ....


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