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Asado in Pampa Argentina

Asado Pampa Argentina consists of meat, usually a large piece from the animal´s ribs ("asado de costilla"), that is roasted on a iron spit on embers made of wood for 4/5 hours in an open space.   "The beef diet must have a wonderful effect in hardening and...

The Areco boliches

The Areco boliches : After the Parrillas (steak restaurant in Argentina), which we can find in a tour all around us in Buenos Aires, we should consider the “boliches” as a true reflection of the reality today: save by a few nostalgic old timers and their aged...

Gaucho Pulperias in the pampa

The gaucho pulperias in the pampa (popular name for a sort of bar or tavern) was the main place of reunion and entertainment for both rural gauchos and urban popular sectors until the close of the XIX century. They were places where popular classes found possibilities...

The gaucho empanadas etiquette

The gaucho empanadas etiquette: Enjoying an empanada in Argentina involves more than just biting into one and receiving satisfaction.   According to the experts, an empanada should be eaten correctly to be properly enjoyed:   - Empanadas are finger-food if...

Gaucho empanadas

Gaucho Empanadas are everywhere, ranging from elegant cocktail parties in Buenos Aires to rough and ready outdoors barbecues in an Estancia with the company of the gauchos.   Many beef restaurants in Buenos Aires and around the country serve a complementary...

Gaucho Walt Disney in Argentina

The american gaucho: Walt Disney in Argentina In 1941, on the eve of America's entry to World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to curb the influence of Nazis and fascists in South America. So the President enlisted someone who embodied the American...


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