Buenos Aires Estancia Tour


Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music “Chacarera”

There is a typical dance at the Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music : the popular "Chacarera" The Folklorica movement in Argentina re-introduced a wide variety of traditional dances to the Argentine public, including chacarera, a folk dance characterized...

Cultural Tour Gauchos & Arts Legacy Full Day Experience

Tailored Cultural Tour Gauchos including the cultural and arts legacy of Gauchos and Criollos beautifully preserved since the colonial times in this area of the Pampa of Argentina: in towns and Estancias.           San Antonio de Areco is a...

Juan Jose Draghi silversmith

Juan Jose Draghi silversmith: Born in San Antonio de Areco, from a family of farmers in the province of Buenos Aires. Inspired by a strong vocational impulse, and generating a great technical command of the trade learned solely through experience, intuition, and a...

Argentina horses Rehab center

Argentina horses Rehab center: Departing from Buenos Aires in kilometer 95 of National Route number 8: before arriving to the town and Estancias of San Antonio de Areco, namely the actual core of the horse race and of the Gaucho tradition, where well-known...

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival 2019:  "80th FIESTA de la TRADICIÓN" Special Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the “Fiesta de la Tradición” : 1939/2019 This is the oldest and more prestigious gaucho festival in Argentina, that takes place every month of November in...

Exporting Argentina Asado

Exporting the Argentina Asado: The argentine chef Francis Mallmann develop a fancy way of the typical Argentina asado, and he did it for two another celebrities: David Beckham and Guy Ritchie in Ashcombe, in England. Francis create a dome where there are hanging...


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