Gaucho Tradition Day Festival

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival 2020:  “81st FIESTA de la TRADICIÓN”

Special Celebration of the 81st Anniversary of the “Fiesta de la Tradición” : 1939/2020

This is the oldest and more prestigious gaucho festival in Argentina, that takes place every month of November in San Antonio de Areco Town, that ends in a Sunday with a large parade of gauchos and horses going through the parks and streets of the Town.

There are gauchos from all over Argentina gathering here with their families and horses for an entire week of different events: folkloric music, dances, fairs, large barbecues, cultural events, arts expositions and gauchos´ rodeo.

Official Program of the National Tradition´s Day: Gaucho Tradition Day Festival 2020
From Friday November 6th to Sunday November 8th, 2020


Friday, November 6th:


gaucho horseback tour


Friday Nov. 6th:

  • “Fogón Surero”: Social gathering for Traditional gaucho folkloric music event, at “Pulpería la Blanqueada”


Saturday Nov. 7th:

  • Gaucho rodeo at “El Parque Criollo”.
  • “Peña de la Fiesta Nacional de la Tradición” popular event of live folkloric music and dancing


Sunday Nov. 8th:

  • Gaucho & Horses Parade.
  • Gaucho rodeo: Demonstration of gaucho skills in the El Parque Criollo.
  • Awards ceremony.


gaucho dances areco



gaucho day tradition

•  Traditional Fogón in the Quinta de Guerrico. Organized by the Asociación de Amigos del Parque Criollo.
•  Tribute to Jose Hernandez with gauchos on horseback. In the Güiraldes monolith.
• Opening of the Rawhide (Guasquería, Soga) Crafts Exposition. Dedicated to Maestro Luis Flores. At the Museum Las Lilas.


gaucho tradition areco tour


You can enjoy part of this unique program by booking this Tour: Tradition Day Gaucho Festival in San Antonio de Areco Full Day Tour with Estancia


For more information: Origins of gaucho criollo horses in Pampas and Estancias in Argentina


If you prefer to enjoy all this gauchos´ activities and events during the week of Gaucho Tradition Day Festival : Best gaucho experience hotel in the Pampas near Buenos Aires


Also if you are just looking for a transfer between Buenos Aires and San Antonio de Areco: Arecobus

Socially Responsible with Gaucho Heritage

Socially Responsible with Gaucho Heritage

Camino Pampa is the only tour company with a Socially Responsible with Gaucho Heritage : with the main destination: San Antonio de Areco “cradle of the Argentine tradition”, and its gaucho community.

We have a comprehensive approach in covering the aspects of being socially responsible: social aspects, promoting business, environmental issues, supporting cultural events and specifically the gaucho heritage expressions.


* For us Travel is an Exchange:
We have the opportunity for a cross-cultural understanding with our visitors, the best way of providing them with a unique experience, and also support our families, community and Argentina Traditions.


* Travel features included into our Tour:

_ We are contracting as many services as possible from local Areco town providers: transfers, tour guides, gastronomy, designers, artists, etc.:

Your money will stay and be multiplied in our gaucho Areco town, improving our community conditions in many ways you’d never expect, because of the Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage that we have developed in San Antonio de Areco

_ Everything in our town was made in human scale, so does our experience: we arrange just small groups that do not interfere/invade locals´ places and facilitate the interchange.

_ Promoting reciclyng actions in town and the Estancias: Plastics in a special program, paper and bottles.



* We´ve also been spreading our contribution to some local NGO´s, communities, institutions and social centers:


_ Conin Areco: Association against the children´s malnutrition in San Antonio de Areco community

Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage conin



_ Amigos del Parque Criollo y Museo Ricardo Güiraldes (Gaucho association for preserving the most traditional Gaucho Heritage)

Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage gaucho association



_ “Asociación de Turismo de San Antonio de Areco” : Local Tourism association that includes the old fashioned handicrafters of silver, leather, iron, wood all in the gaucho´s style

Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage tourism areco



_ Apropdis: A workshop where people with some disabilities are handcrafting the most typical Gauchos´ shoes: Alpargatas. That are sold to the gaucho community.

Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage alpargatas



_ Arecos: Eco-friendly projects and Education in San Antonio de Areco:

Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage arecos

Briefly: We are running the only “original, authentic and sustainable” tour with a Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage in our historical town San Antonio de Areco and Estancias.

Mas acerca de las tradiciones del gaucho en Español: Tradiciones en Tour de Estancia Buenos Aires y San Antonio de Areco en:

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