Gaucho museum Ricardo Güiraldes. Origins

Gaucho museum Ricardo Güiraldes. Origins

Gaucho Museum Ricardo Güiraldes and Criollo Park is in the City of San Antonio de Areco, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, approximately 112km away from the City of Buenos Aires down the Nacional Route 8.


Foundation of the Gaucho museum

It was founded and built by the government of the province and it opened in 1938. It takes the name of Ricardo Güiraldes to honor the novel Don Segundo Sombra, published in 1926.


The Museum was founded and built by the government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

It was inaugurated in 1938 and was named after the poet and writer Ricardo Güiraldes, the author of the novel “Don Segundo Sombra” which was published in 1926. Güiraldes died in 1927 and was buried in the local cemetery, as was the main character of his book, Don Segundo Sombra.


This institution provides insight into the country´s past, particularly in connection with the gaucho, his habits, traditions, lifestyle, attire and riding gear and focuses on the gaucho´s contribution in building the country´s greatness and folkloric tradition.


gaucho museum collection

Gaucho museum collection


Built in honor of Ricardo Güiraldes, the items exhibited at the Museum portray the personality and literary works of this great writer. The material exhibited at the museum also covers other aspects associated with the town´s history.


Museum collection

The Gaucho museum hall pays homage to the gaucho and his attire and saddle gear. There are exhibits of stirrups, bridles, spurs and cowbells. Also ponchos, boleadoras, lassoes, chifles, leather trunks and photographs of local gauchos.


The Ricardo Güiraldes Rooms reflect how the first silversmith settled in Buenos Aires at the end of the XVI century. A similar handicraft to the one in Upper Peru was developed in this area in the XVII and XVIII centuries. There were many Spanish and Portuguese silversmiths.


When Argentina was organizing itself as an independent nation, cattle breeding began to be intensified. Thus, the symbols of the Argentinian country appeared, one of them is the gaucho in this gaucho museum.

There are daily Full Day Private tours to this gaucho museum and to the traditional historical town of San Antonio de Areco: Tour to Gaucho Museum and Colonial Town



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Art at the Museum


A transfer departing every day from Buenos Aires to the Gaucho Museum: Arecobus