The gaucho empanadas etiquette

The gaucho empanadas etiquette

The gaucho empanadas etiquette: Enjoying an empanada in Argentina involves more than just biting into one and receiving satisfaction.


According to the experts, an empanada should be eaten correctly to be properly enjoyed.


The rules of the empanadas etiquette

Empanadas are finger-food if ever there was. The whole idea of an empanada is to be able to eat something with ones fingers without getting those fingers dirty or sticky.


– Hold your empanada by one tip and cautiously bite off the other tip. This is important, because if the empanada is really hot and juicy, a puff of hot steam will spurt out and could burn your tongue or lip.


– Wrap a napkin around your wrist so that the hot juice which should run in a tour out of your empanada does not cause any damage. Empanada stains are hard to remove.


– While empanadas are enjoyable anywhere and at any time, they seem to taste better when eaten standing up and out of doors, in an Estancia, preferably along-side a sizzling, enticing Argentina parrillada (barbecue)


– An empanada is best washed down with a nice glass of red wine, Argentine preferably.



Eating empandas at the estancia

Eating empandas at the estancia


Gaucho empanadas etiquette also includes how many empanadas a host or caterer should provide depends as much upon the size and filling and the occasion.

When the empanada is served us as an appetizer before a meal, it is usual to calculate one or two normal sized empanadas per person. If it is to be the main player in a meal, five or six are considered normal.


With a genuine regional empanada from an Estancia in Buenos Aires, it is essential to wrap a napkin. True conaisseurs like gauchos would shake their empanada before taking the first bite, thus evenly distributing the juice over all the filling.


How to follow the empanadas etiquette

How to follow the empanadas etiquette


How the empanada is stuffed

Beef is not the only filling used, although it is the most popular. Other meats, such as chicken and lamb and even pork can be used, while other popular fillings include mozzarella, cheese and onion, humita (creamed corn), and almost anything fertile imagination can think up.



Extracted from “El gaucho gourmet” by Derek Foster: Buy the book Gaucho Gourmet

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Francis Mallmann in Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Francis Mallmann in Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Francis Mallmann in Estancia La Bamba de Areco: cycle in which Francis and some colleagues share recipes and stories.


The scenario at La Bamba de Areco

A group of friends, the most successful chefs from Argentina and Uruguay, living together for a week in an Estancia of the province of Buenos Aires where the group shared a living outdoors that allowed for a relaxed chat among colleagues.


Among the trees, with cows and horses in sight, everything is relaxed and in low motion, taking the time for a tour through the beautiful Estancia property.



la bamba de areco

Estancia La Bamba de Areco


There, in front of the cameras, the most experienced country’s chef exchange recipes, talk about cooking and have experiences in common.
From that idea, the TV channel decided to produce a program which he entitled “Friends for cooking”.


Members of the Journey at the Estancia:

How to choose the members of the group: the producers put together a dream team of gastronomy: Francis Mallmann, Maru Botana, Fernando Trocca, Juliana López May, Paul Massey, Martin Pittaluga, Guzman Artagaveytia, Martin Arrieta, Vanina Chimeno, Lucia Soria Santiago Garat and Leonardo Azulay.


asado gaucho estancia

Francis in action in the Estancia



Last week, lead by Francis, was concluded the recording of the cycle in Estancia La Bamba in San Antonio de Areco: cradle of the gaucho tradition, in the province of Buenos Aires.
Where local “asado”: beef cooked slowly on wood embers in some different ways is King, they got inspiration for their creative process of making new great simple recipes, and to recreate the old fashion typical dishes of la pampa in Argentina and Uruguay.


Filming idea for La Bamba de Areco:

The idea of Francis was to release this cycle that qualify as a “gastronomic docu-reality” on December performing a series of repetitions during the same month. “December and year-end celebrations are an excuse for this gathering of friends,” say the producers.



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There were many magical moments where the chefs remember anecdotes and experiences together, exchange recipes, to chat about cooking and cross ideas about their profession and passion.