Estancia Las Lilas

Estancia Las Lilas

Cabañas and Estancia Las Lilas is a family business dedicated to agricultural activity, starting its second century of existence.


Las Lilas Museum

Las Lilas Museum


The Foundation

The Las Lilas Foundation is focusing on the artistic expressions that, in the present and in the past, Argentine people have externalized, whether they were original from our ancient cultures, indigenous, or as more recently, European settlers.


This is the part of our history that interests us, because we firmly believe that people are better when they know their history, their origins, their identity.


It is no coincidence that this museum, owned by the Estancia Las Lilas Foundation, was erected in San Antonio de Areco, paradigmatic place of country culture, birthplace of the gaucho tradition.


Estancia las lilas

Patio of Las Lilas Museum


Museum and Estancia Las Lilas collection

The permanent exhibition is a tribute of the Florencio Molina Campos Foundation, the most recognized and admired painter of the Argentina popular culture.



Don Florencio deeply understood the spirit and values of the man from the pampa. As subtle observer and brilliant caricaturist, he tells us with wit and humor about the life of the gauchos.



The famous calendars, Don Florencio made on behalf of the factory Alpargatas Argentina between 1930´s and 1950´s, that you can find in the remotest corners of the country.


pulperia san antonio de areco Estancia Las Lilas

Museum Las Lilas collection


The majority of the paintings on display belonged to the Alpargatas Collection, and are the works that resulted in the almanacs exhibited in Estancia Las Lilas Museum.

His paintings are disputed by collectors from Argentina and abroad, in addition to museums and galleries.


Due to the deep knowledge that Don Florencio had of the Argentina countryside, his paintings have been and are subject of consultation and study.

Many of the traditions of our Estancias near Buenos Aires and countryside have been lost by the inexorable advance of modernity in all its edges; as a result, new generations have grown up with some other expectations and other interests.


Molina Campos memorabilia

Molina Campos memorabilia


Behind the creation of this museum, there is also a pedagogical intention, which welcomes those who have an interest in our topic and tradition.


Focus of the Museum

This museum will be always oriented to the dissemination of our culture and open to other expressions that reflect and talk about the history of the interior of Argentina. Like the most important gaucho museum Ricardo Güiraldes in San Antonio de Areco



Octavio A. Caraballo
Presidente Fundación Las Lilas
(extracted from the Museo Las Lilas catalog)


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