Living a gaucho life

Living a gaucho life

How is the gaucho life

Martin Tatta, a real gaucho who lives a typical gaucho life, In San Antonio de Areco, a small city located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

The population of the city has a very country lifestyle, surrounded by horses, and gauchos.

There are still Gauchos today!, but we are going to talk about a “a countryman” Martin, he was raised in the countryside, with his family, the son of a gaucho from whom he inherited the “taste” for the countryside.


gauchos in estancia

Current and real gaucho life


Since childhood he wanted to have a country life, with animals, but especially horses, this guy had a very special connection with the horses, he received his first horse when he was 6 years old.

His father was a gaucho, who had already had the pleasure of living a gaucho life but living a Gaucho life could be hard, far away from the city and hard jobs, however some people love and enjoy this lifestyle.

Gaucho life in Argentina

In Argentina there are many popular gauchos, this is a culture, Gauchos were usually mestizos (persons of mixed European and Indian ancestry), but some of them were white, black, or mulatto (of mixed black and white ancestry) gauchos are characterized by their “outfit”, very unique, and it is not easy to see in other places.


gaucho life in the Estancia

How is the gaucho life in the Estancia


They have a special way to dress, they work in the countryside and with cattle, but something really important to highlight is what they drink, Mate! A traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, today Argentinian people drink lot of mat, Mate invites people to join.

The mate

As Pedro Luis Barcia, (president of the National Academy of Education) says in an interview you have to “Matear” (drink mate) everywhere, “on the train, in the bus, on the beach, in the mountains, in the car and at the picnic”, for this reason Mate is so important for the gaucho culture.

When Martin was young he left school, his father told him that he should work and it helped him begin to deal with horses even more than before, Martin was raised in the countryside and all his life was dedicated to horses and his ranch.

As he clarifies in the interview made by Fernando Freixas, Martin was born in San Antonio de Areco, “he created a method of dressage and training based on trust”.

He is a good example to show to the people what’s like living a gaucho life, He wears a gaucho’s outfit, drinks mate, he lives in a house (kind of a ranch) in the middle of the field, Martin wants to keep the customs and traditions of his place, He feels very honored to live where he likes and do what he wants with horses.

Tasks in a gaucho life

Martin, before to be a horse whisperer, he used to be a horse tamer in his city, it was a sport, but when he found his quality with horses he left it and dedicated his time and passion to the horses until today, horses helped to Martin to travel all over the world to show his talent.

He does not imagine working on something else or away from the horses, He does not want to lose contact with his equines, even if he is older.

So, Martin, with his knowledge, relationship with horses, lifestyle and customs, he is really living a gaucho life.

Source: Somos Arraigo
Martin Tatta

El mate, símbolo de unión.



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Estancia Los Patricios de Areco

Estancia Los Patricios de Areco

Estancia Los Patricios in San Antonio de Areco:

The trees at Estancia Los Patricios in San Antonio de Areco incluye a wide variety of acacias. The huge garden in front of the house with the pool to one side has a one-hundred years old maple casting a deep shadow big enough to shelter 500 people at 50 tables for an open air “asado”.


It is owned by Maria Luisa de Bary de Brane and Hector Juan Brané Istueta Landajo, descendants of Basque and French arrived in Argentina in the mid-nineteenth century. In addition to the family house where there are two big towers (one west and another east), a kind of stud with carriages and classic cars.


swimming pool estancia tour areco

Swimming pool


The estancia in San Antonio de Areco is known for its beautiful house, main style home “pampeano colonial” and all its infrastructure, storehouses and stables. Its large park has century-old trees of great magnitude and variety of species.

History of Estancia Los Patricios

Héctor Juan Brané and Maria de Bary de Brané have been living in this pampa colonial style house for the past 36 years and have been taking in guests in a Estancia Tour for over 28 years.

Their children, following the family tradition, play polo. They had run a polo school and can even offer a wooden practice horse for beginners.


park estancia tour areco los patricios

The park of the Estancia


Los Patricios is a 200 hectare estancia dedicated exclusively to farming.


In Estancia Los Patricios de Areco you will find an exclusive place where the old family house stand out from the rest.

The park has large centenaries trees and variety of species along the natural lake, providing an ideal spot in contact with typical nature of the pampa from province of Buenos Aires , Argentina


house estancia los patricios areco

Main house of the Estancia Los Patricios


Full Day Tour to the Estancia Areco: In Los Patricios you can have an exclusive place with the necessary infrastructure and organization to serve large groups in a daytrip. The gastronomy includes cocktail reception and typical argentina asado.

There is a variety of activities like horseback riding, carriage ride, bikes and the swimming pool.


vargas llosa tour estancia


The place was visited by Literature Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa in 2011: he was received with a typical argentina asado, folkloric music, gaucho dances and demonstrations of gauchos skills on horseback.


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Argentina horses Rehab center

Argentina horses Rehab center

Argentina horses Rehab center : Departing from Buenos Aires in kilometer 95 of National Route number 8: before arriving to the town and Estancias of San Antonio de Areco, namely the actual core of the horse race and of the Gaucho tradition, where well-known establishments for thoroughbred horses reproduction and breeding are settled, and also only 30km away from the city of Pilar, the epicenter of Polo playing.

There, with a strategic location stretching over 36 ha that used to belong to Estancia El Candil stud farm, the “Centro de Rehabilitación y Hospital de Equinos Kawell” (Horses´ Rehabilitation Center and Hospital Kawell) was built, with the investment of US$ 8 million.


The nursery of the Argentina horses Rehab center

Nursery of the Argentina horses Rehab center


In the only Argentina horses rehab center, the facilities of the Equine Service Rehabilitation comprise 32 boxes of 4×4 meters in what used to be the Estancia, “monturero”, a walker tour for up to 8 horses, underwater treadmill, oval swimming pool of 120 meters in perimeter with live underwater monitoring, treatment room, two showers, solarium track proprioception, inside walking track, outdoor track, pickets and fences.


horseback ride tour

Training at the Rehab center


Kawell, which in Mapuche language means horse, it is today a center combining clinical medicine, world-class rehabilitation services, investigation and teaching.


Some of the equipment of the Argentina horses Rehab center:

Anesthesia equipment fitted with fans, multiparametric apparatuses, computerized radiology, high definition ultrasound, scanners with color Doppler and a Centellography Department that is the first in South America.


Argentina horses Rehab center buildings

The Argentina horses Rehab center buildings


As far as rehabilitation is concerned, Kawell is fitted with a system of aquatic therapies tours including a 1-million-liter pool. The treatment includes a walker, showers, and an aquatic belt placed under the water where the horse can walk in a semi-floating position.


horses thematic tour Areco

horses thematic tour Areco


The equine swimming pool has an oval-shaped and a depth of four meters. There is an island from where you can follow the movements made by the horse in the aquatic therapy. “There will be salt water, heated to 20°, which is the optimum temperature for the animal,”

The rehabilitation also goes through physiotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and electro-stimulation.


areco tour horses


Kawell facilities includes the only hyperbaric chamber for horses in Latin America.


The surgery department:

It is fitted with all the cutting-edge elements: “We have a 24-hour service, and a spacious operating room with a bed.
The joint work of the hospital and the rehabilitation center and the unique equipment and professionals makes Kawell the only one with this complexity in the world.


If you would like to contact: The Kawell Center

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San Antonio de Areco

The Areco boliches

The Areco boliches

The Areco boliches : After the Parrillas (steak restaurant in Argentina), which we can find in a tour all around us in Buenos Aires, we should consider the “boliches” as a true reflection of the reality today: save by a few nostalgic old timers and their aged customers, their main support in these times.

(Experience the best Foodie Tour in Estancia Buenos Aires)


The small towns and gaucho villages in the pampa and possible the quieter, more traditional outer suburbs of Buenos Aires are hosting many of these boliches.


gaucho bar areco

Bars and gauchos


Gastronomy in a Areco Boliches

They do not aspire to be more than modest suppliers of simple food, often offering no more than the days specials plus the possibility of preparing some short order (not always available) to their frequent patrons. In many cases they overlap with the parrillas (steakhouses) because they too have a simple grill to hand.


general store estancia

Bar and general store


If not a grill (Argentine barbecue), then a hotplate is a frequent alternative. The fare is very basic, being mainly stews and pasta, with a tour to basic desserts as cheese and membrillo (quince jam) or a flan.

They are the solution for local villagers or a peon working in an Estancia with a very limited budget.


bar buenos aires pampa

Old gaucho bar


Drinks at a Gaucho bar:

Some boliches are providing some quite simple sandwiches or “picada” (like tapas in Spain) to their customers, just as a perfect excuse to have some drinks (normally cheap liquors) and wine meanwhile. If the customer do not end the whole bottle of wine, it is kept closed by the “bolichero” till next day when the patron will return for the rest.

Some of the normal drinks are quite basic liquors with a high density of alcohol: caña, grapa, ginebra, or “vermouth” like the very popular “fernet”. There is no room for scotch, cognac, etc.


fernet argentina buenos aires

The Fernet


The more ambitious aim a little higher with the objective of luring the truck trade tour on routes and major highways crossing Estancias all over Argentina. Truckers love to eat well and cheaply.


In San Antonio de Areco there are many areco boliches for the gauchos that remain as they were originally: Same decoration, furnitures and belonging to the same family.

Extracted from “El gaucho gourmet” by Derek Foster: Buy the book Gaucho Gourmet


areco boliches buenos aires

One of the Areco Boliches


You can enjoy your own stews, picadas and fernet liquor while in one of these Tours in the Pampa Argentina and Estancias: Estancia and gaucho town San Antonio de Areco

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Disney and gaucho painter

Disney and gaucho painter

Walt Disney and gaucho painter: Walt Disney´s cartoonists in their tour to Argentina hosted a barbecue during Disney’s visit to Buenos Aires. He showed up in full gaucho dress, and many joked that he looked more authentic than his hosts.


One South American artist who loomed large in the studio´s pretrip to Argentina research was Florencio Molina Campos in order to arrange a meeting Walt Disney and gaucho painter.


Despite little formal training, Florencio Molina Campos had years earlier established himself as a popular artist in Argentina with his painted caricatures of gauchos and gaucho life specially in the pampa, Estancias and countryside.


disney with gaucho painter in buenos aires

Disney and gaucho painter working


Thanks to his calendar-art contract with a company that manufactured a rope-soled canvas gaucho shoe called the alpargata, Molina Campos´ paintings had been distributed throughout the region from Buenos Aires since 1930.


Why Disney and gaucho painter meet

He was widely regarded, not least by himself, as the artistic spokesman of the gaucho culture, and his fame had become international through exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Advance research by the Disney studio clearly established that cooperation between Walt Disney and gaucho painter Molina Campos would considerable boost Argentine acceptance of Disney’s film venture.


postcard disney and gaucho painter argentina

Postcard of from disney and gaucho painter


Dr. Henry C. Niese, the honorary consul for Argentina in Los Angeles, told the staff that “Campos had told him that if he (Campos) were ever associated with the making of a cartoon, it would have to be Campos-produced, Campos-drawn, Campos-written.”


On the other hand, the artist had already shown an interest in Disney studios after the meeting Walt Disney and gaucho painter (he had visited the studio on one of his previous trips to the United States), and clearly understood that association with Disney would enhance his own prestige.


“The yards were immense, covering a square mile,” he noted. “Some of the gauchos were having mate before changing to fresh horses. They invited me into their small saddle room in the Estancia to sit for a while. There were (Molina) Campos prints all over the walls, well fly-specked. These people idolize Campos´ drawings.”


Extracted from the book: South of the border with Disney by J. B. Kaufman

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