Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

The “Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022”: the most important Gaucho Festival of Argentina is going to be celebrated again this year.

In a simple but official presentation it was announced in San Antonio de Areco when and how it will be honored this traditional anniversary.

Pres Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

Pres Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022


The program with the scheduled activities in the Fiesta de la Tradicion:


– 3 and 4: “Jineteada”: Rodeo at the Matera del Parque Criollo

– 10 y 11: “Rally de los Haras” Old Cars Rally of the Stud Farms


Pres Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022 b

Pres Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022 b


– 1 y 2: XVI Atada de los Pagos de Areco

– 1 al 4: FIT (Feria Internacional del Turismo en La Rural, CABA)

– 8: Comienzo Tradición: Misa de la Ermita – Peña inaugural

– 10 al 22: Muestra cultural y turística en el Congreso de la Nación

– 15: Estación Villa Lía (Tradición)

– 22: Estación Duggan (Tradición)

– 23: Día del Pueblo

– 29: Estación Vagues (Tradición)


– 5: Estación Areco – Inauguración Exposición de Artesanos (Tradición)

– 6 al 13: Exposición de Artesanos (Tradición)

– 11: Fogón surero (Tradición)

– 12: Peña Central de la Tradición

– 13th: Main event of the Fiesta de la Tradición 2022:


Gauchos at the Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

Gauchos at the Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022


Program: Day Sunday November 13th: Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022 :

10:00am, Venue: Main square Plaza Arellano, Folkloric live music with typical dancing from the Dances local School

10:30am, Venue: Main square Plaza Arellano, Major of San Antonio de Areco formally opening the Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

11:00am, Venue: Main square Plaza Arellano and town circuit, parade of more than 500 Gauchos horsebacking

12:00am, Venue: Main square Plaza Arellano and town circuit, parade of more than 20 herd of horses (Tropillas), in total near 400 horses crossing the town


Flyer Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022

Flyer Fiesta de la Tradicion 2022


Story of Fiesta de la Tradición:

The Day of Tradition is celebrated in Argentina on November 10, a date that was chosen in commemoration of the birth of the Argentine poet José Hernández.

The Day of Tradition that is celebrated in the town of San Antonio de Areco, province of Buenos Aires, is one of the oldest celebrations in the country. For a long time, the festivity revives every year the customs forged over centuries in Argentina. The inhabitants of Areco, on the days of the event, make up a series of activities linked to rural life, in a sense of homage to the men and women of the countryside.

At the origin of the Day of Tradition, the event that brings together all the inhabitants of San Antonio de Areco was linked to Argentine literature. The work written by a famous Argentine writer and entitled “Don Segundo Sombra” was the main reason why the authorities and residents of the town decided to organize a festival around the traditions and life of the gaucho. The success of the book among the public and critics generated the launch of various initiatives by the town as a whole.


Dances Fiesta de la Tradicion

Dances Fiesta de la Tradicion


A Creole Park and a museum were founded that portrayed the vicissitudes and various aspects of the work of ranchers, laborers, maids and children. And, finally, by grace of the municipality of Areco, with the support of the province, the town is named places to celebrate the Day of Tradition. Over time, San Antonio de Areco became the only and permanent headquarters, until today.

The festival is made up of various activities organized by residents and municipal authorities. Unlike its first editions where the festivity was held in dissimilar and improvised places, today, the town has its own space called Parque Criollo.

There the locals and those from surrounding towns, perform countless skills with animals, talks, conferences, demonstrations, parades and artistic events. The dressage of horses is one of the main attractions, along with the rodeos, the stable races and ring races.

On more than one occasion, the organizers invite a friendly province to also expose their traditions, uses and customs, around animal skills, as well as gastronomy, music and typical dances.

The concentration and parades of gauchos on the property, added to the herds, is the most picturesque, especially for visitors, since they access the clothing and customs of ancient rural men.

Gastronomy cannot be absent from the event. In the Parque Criollo, a large barbecue for the participants complements very well the dishes offered by the invited provinces.

Next to the grill, music accompanies the presence of groups and soloists. The military band is the protagonist of creating a festive and pleasant atmosphere throughout almost the entire day.

Finally, at the closing of the festival, a large bonfire encourages visitors to gather, while it is a time to try to dance to the music until the last embers indicate the arrival of morning.

Argentina Farm stay

Argentina Farm stay

Argentina farm stay near Buenos Aires

Descriptions made by guests of one of the best. Customers talking about the Argentina farm stay: they left Argentina taking with them a the most original experience.


Relaxing days at the farm.

Review made by: “CrowneVic” March 17, 2019

Great Experience and Wonderful for Kids

Wonderful tour of San Antonio de Areco led by our guide Laura, who was fantastic. This was followed by an afternoon Argentina farm stay at the (Estancia) , where we started with some horseback riding, followed by a delicious Argentine asado with A LOT of succulent beef, tasty salads, then dessert and coffee, and finally, some folkloric dancing.

Our two boys (11 and 13) loved the experience, especially after all the walking we had been doing in B.A. My 11 year-old was especially taken by all the super-friendly dogs (a few of which went with us on our horseback ride) and other animals during the visit. The location is beautiful, and very peaceful, without a single car or airplane to be seen or heard. Highly recommended.



buenos aires estancia tour

Best Argentina farm Stay



Review made by: “speechie13” August 25, 2016

Our Favorite Tour During our Argentina farm stay in BA!!

We absolutely loved and highly recommend this experience! Our guide, Juan, was so engaging, funny and above all, knowledgeable. Both the town and estancia were gorgeous and gave a such a nice feel for Argentina outside of BA!! Highly recommended!



argentine barbecue asado

Farm stay with barbecue asado


Review made by: “Joe H” July 10, 2019

Fantastic day in the Argentina farm stay

Literally cannot say enough about this tour. We wanted to get out of the city after a week in BA and Rio but did not want to waste a day piled in a bus with 20 of our not-so-best-friends. This was first class from the pick up and ride out to the estancia through to drop off at our San Telmo hotel.

Juan was a great driver and fantastic talker about all things BA and Argentina, from politics to history to the price of fuel! Carlos was a talker, but in a good way. He didn’t talk so much about himself as he did tell stories and bring you in to his experiences to share those with you in a way old friends tell you what they have been up to while you were apart. It blended perfectly with the downtown history and the estancia environment, the gaucho lifestyle and the way the family is running the operation both to share the history and breathe life into what could easily be missed if you stayed in BA the whole trip.

Getting out to the country, seeing the house and out buildings, having a meal while just talking and enjoying the company, going for the horseback ride to see how amazingly beautiful the areas is and cap it off with the way the gaucho and horse interact like best friends…probably the highlight of everything we experienced in Argentina farm stay!

Cannot say “DO THIS” enough after how friendly, informative, and what a different experience it was from the city. LOVED the experience from pick up to drop off. Hats off!


If you would like to take this Full Day tour Estancia near Buenos Aires with San Antonio de Areco Gaucho town visit.


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Argentina Experience

Argentina Experience

Best Argentina experience

People sharing how was their journey into the Pampas as an Argentina experience:


GlobeTrekkerRM April 23, 2019

Excellent, Authentic Gaucho Experience and Pampas experience.

My wife and I spent an excellent day in the countryside outside of Buenos Aires enjoying the Camino Pampa experience. A 1.5 hour drive brought us to a quaint and authentic town, where we met our guide, Juan Manuel Hernandez. He was really a highlight of our day – incredibly interesting and engaging, spoke perfect English, and very knowledgeable as well.

After a brief tour of the town, we took a brief drive to an absolutely beautiful estancia (ranch), where we spent the day horseback riding (optional, but easy and fun for beginners), eating incredible barbecue, and watching real working gauchos working the ranch. After a wonderful lunch, we were treated to an informal show by the gauchos that included music, dance, and a display of horseback riding skill.

Criollo horses:

One of the most  amazing experience was a performance by a young and very talented gaucho who showed us how new horses are trained in their culture. If you love horses (or animals in general) this is a must-see. One of the most touching and gentle displays of love between horse and rider we’ve ever seen. In all a wonderful way to understand the very complex and sophisticated gaucho culture.


argentina experience in the pampas

Best argentina experience

A day in the countryside where the gauchos are working every day in the Estancia


Vavistravelling August 31, 2019

A great Argentina experience!

My experience in this Pampa was absolutely great! From the start till the end everything was perfect. Our guide, Guillermo, was funny, smart, kind, and made us feel safe and welcome every moment that we spent together. I highly recommend to do this experience!



argentina experience beef

Asado beef at the Estancia

This is the way to spend some days in the Gauchos` Pampas



argentina experience horses

Experience with horses


If you would prefer more information about the Gauchos in Spanish


fabian c April 25, 2018

Great  Argentina experience to learn about the gaucho culture.

I highly recommend experiencing this while visiting Buenos Aires. It was a short ride from the city. The booking was very easy and friendly. Our experience include on time shuttle service from hotel to estancia with a very entertaining driver. Upon arrival to the picturesque town of San Antonio de Areco we met up with our wonderful guide Guillermo. He was very knowledgeable and informative about Areco. After a tour around town we made our way to the estancia. Everyone at the estancia is very hospitable and welcoming. My group and I felt at peace with such a change of pace from big city life. I highly recommend doing this tour as you will have a great experience from the delicious food to meeting the great people that make this all come together.


You can check more than 500 5 stars reviews in Tripadvisor here: Reviews for Buenos Aires Gaucho Tour


argentina experience in the pampas

Best argentina experience in the pampas


Gwen E March 4, 2017

Awesome Argentina Experience

We are seasoned travelers, and this is one of the best tours we have ever done. The entire experience is entertaining and enjoyable. The lunch was outstanding, and our guide, Laura, was fantastic. She knew the area, spoke excellent English, and became a friend.

If you would like to take this Full Day tour Estancia near Buenos Aires with San Antonio de Areco Gaucho town visit.


The Argentina cowboys

The Argentina cowboys

Unique and friendly Argentina cowboys

Customers` reviews on trip advisor talking about the Argentina Cowboys that they met at the Camino Pampa Tour.


Review of: “Mark B” September 7, 2017

Fantastic day that exceeded all of our expectations

First off, I highly recommend this tour and our guide Juan..

We were looking for a day away from BsAs to just enjoy and learn about life in Argentina outside the city and Argentina cowboys. We hoped to enjoy the outdoors and have a new experience.

Wow! What an amazing experience. We were staying in a flat in San Telmo and were met very early for nice drive out to San Antonio de Areco. Great conversation, many questions answered and context given to us that prepared us for the day made the drive fly by. We met our guide, Juan, in the town and he took us on a journey of history, culture and weaved in some terrific stories. He really helped us step in to another world.

San Antonio de Areco town of the Argentina cowboys:

The town was beautiful and the little chocolate shop, La Olla de Cobre, was amazing…the best Alfajores I have ever had. Then it was off to the Estancia. The Estancia was very beautiful and all the people we met welcomed us warmly and we felt truly blessed to be there.

Being from the US I had no idea how different the Gaucho lifestyle and relationship with their horses were from Cowboys in the north. Frankly, it was beautiful to see with demonstrations that highlighted the subtle but deep relationship that the Gaucho and horse maintain.

The horseback ride was very nice and relaxing which suited my daughter well on her first ever time in the saddle. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and rounded out the experience with demonstration of traditional dance and music.

Juan, José and Guillermo, thank you so much for making our holiday and leaving us with an experience we will never forget.


If you would like to take this Full Day tour Estancia near Buenos Aires with San Antonio de Areco Gaucho town visit.


gauchos ranch horseback riding buenos aires

The argentina cowboys at the Estancia



Review of: “SporeanGranTurism” February 24, 2015

A Different Perspective of Buenos Aires with the Argentina Cowboys

My wife and I selected this tour, because it offered not only an opportunity to visit an Argentine estancia with Argentina Cowboys to get a feel of life in the pampas, but also to visit a small provincial town. Overall, we were pleased with this experience, and would recommend taking this tour.

A driver named Jose Maria picked us up at our hotel in Buenos Aires at 8:30am. Along the way, he provided a near continuous commentary about various aspects of Argentine life and Argentina cowboys, particularly outside of Buenos Aires city centre, and in the pampas.

We had not expected this value added service, and it was much appreciated. Also, he was a skillful driver, and was very friendly and personable.

After a two-hour or less drive, we arrived at the town of San Antonio de Areco, and were greeted by a guide named Juan Manuel. He too had a wealth of information and stories to share with us, as we tour a traditional bar, a church, a traditional and a modern silversmith shops, and a chocolate confectionary shop, each of which reflected a specific aspect of the history of this town, particularly as a melting pot of immigrants from different countries.

Note that the silver jewellery in Patricio Draghi and the alfajores in La Olla de Cobre are good buys.

The Estancia in the Pampas

Afterwards we headed to the historic El Ombu de Areco estancia. By this time, we had become friends with Juan Manuel, who was very charming, on top of being an excellent guide. At this estancia, we had time to walk around and explore the estate manor and grounds, take a horseback or horse-drawn carriage ride around the pampas, have an ample and tasty lunch of Argentine BBQ specialties whilst being entertained by a bona fide gaucho performing traditional milonga music, and watch an amazing “horse whisperer” achieve complete control of his animal.

Along the way, we learnt how incorrect it was to define a gaucho as a cowboy, and what that culture truly entailed.

Afterwards, we exchanged contact details with Juan Manuel, bade him farewell, and headed back to Buenos Aires. Along the way, Jose Maria was kind enough to stop at a mini-market so that we could buy some water for use back in our hotel. At around 5pm, we arrived back at our hotel.

It was a day well spent.


If you would prefer more information about the Gauchos in Spanish

A day in the countryside where the gauchos are working every day in the Estancia


Living a gaucho life

Living a gaucho life

How is the gaucho life

Martin Tatta, a real gaucho who lives a typical gaucho life, In San Antonio de Areco, a small city located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

The population of the city has a very country lifestyle, surrounded by horses, and gauchos.

There are still Gauchos today!, but we are going to talk about a “a countryman” Martin, he was raised in the countryside, with his family, the son of a gaucho from whom he inherited the “taste” for the countryside.


gauchos in estancia

Current and real gaucho life


Since childhood he wanted to have a country life, with animals, but especially horses, this guy had a very special connection with the horses, he received his first horse when he was 6 years old.

His father was a gaucho, who had already had the pleasure of living a gaucho life but living a Gaucho life could be hard, far away from the city and hard jobs, however some people love and enjoy this lifestyle.

Gaucho life in Argentina

In Argentina there are many popular gauchos, this is a culture, Gauchos were usually mestizos (persons of mixed European and Indian ancestry), but some of them were white, black, or mulatto (of mixed black and white ancestry) gauchos are characterized by their “outfit”, very unique, and it is not easy to see in other places.


gaucho life in the Estancia

How is the gaucho life in the Estancia


They have a special way to dress, they work in the countryside and with cattle, but something really important to highlight is what they drink, Mate! A traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, today Argentinian people drink lot of mat, Mate invites people to join.

The mate

As Pedro Luis Barcia, (president of the National Academy of Education) says in an interview you have to “Matear” (drink mate) everywhere, “on the train, in the bus, on the beach, in the mountains, in the car and at the picnic”, for this reason Mate is so important for the gaucho culture.

When Martin was young he left school, his father told him that he should work and it helped him begin to deal with horses even more than before, Martin was raised in the countryside and all his life was dedicated to horses and his ranch.

As he clarifies in the interview made by Fernando Freixas, Martin was born in San Antonio de Areco, “he created a method of dressage and training based on trust”.

He is a good example to show to the people what’s like living a gaucho life, He wears a gaucho’s outfit, drinks mate, he lives in a house (kind of a ranch) in the middle of the field, Martin wants to keep the customs and traditions of his place, He feels very honored to live where he likes and do what he wants with horses.

Tasks in a gaucho life

Martin, before to be a horse whisperer, he used to be a horse tamer in his city, it was a sport, but when he found his quality with horses he left it and dedicated his time and passion to the horses until today, horses helped to Martin to travel all over the world to show his talent.

He does not imagine working on something else or away from the horses, He does not want to lose contact with his equines, even if he is older.

So, Martin, with his knowledge, relationship with horses, lifestyle and customs, he is really living a gaucho life.

Source: Somos Arraigo
Martin Tatta

El mate, símbolo de unión.



Click here for a: Full Day tour Estancia near Buenos Aires with San Antonio de Areco Gaucho town visit


More about Gaucho culture: The Gaucho Experience

Full day tour Buenos Aires Estancia El Ombu de Areco with transfer

Gaucho horse breaking with Martin Tatta

Gaucho horse breaking with Martin Tatta

Martin Tatta the Gaucho horse breaking

He is not a magician, but for sure he is a Gaucho horse breaking

Martin Tatta was born in San Antonio de Areco, a small city in northern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Since he has memory always had a special contact with horses, a special way to treat them, for the past 11 years he has been showcasing his unique bond with horses through performances to tourists from around the world who wants to know the Argentinian culture and they should definitely come here to see it.


martin tatta horse breaker

Foto: Somos Arraigo


When Martin was very young he used to ride a horse with his father, but he received his first equine when he was 6 years old, he named him “Bandera”, and do you know why?, well it was because Martin used to tied his horse on the flagpole, Bandera was a “Picaso”, with a “white tie” on his face and legs.

This awesome Argentinian guy started and learned everything on his own; we could say that his father did not like to do “tricks” with the horse, “It is something that comes natural to me,” he said. “Nobody taught me, it just came out.


gauchos horse

Foto: Somos Arraigo


Breaking a horse is not an easy job;

can you tame a wild horse?

A wild horse can be tamed and domesticated with careful training but Martin calls it Indian breaking in, it takes a lot of time and dedication with the horse.

He communicated in a unique and special way with the horse, his father thought it would be a wayward horse that he would not do what he was told, anyways Martin kept doing what he did until today and for this great gift, he was able to travel to many places around to world to show it.


gaucho horse breaking in San Antonio de Areco

Foto: Martin tatta by Somos Arraigo


When he was young, he started to train some horses, he was an actual horse tamer, originally it was a sport for him and many people there.

Breaking a horse was a process where a wild horse becomes an exemplary one to be useful, but when he discovered his skills, Martin stopped doing it and started to training a horse to be ridden through its qualities.

How to deal with a horse

Communicating with the horse, stroking it and trying to make the horse relax, he just was a gaucho breaking a horse, Martin always tries to have a connection between the horse and him, a connection with no force, screams or whips.

Nevertheless, Martín does not describe himself as a horse tamer, he thinks he is a gaucho who makes a show, with his own style; he thinks the horse is everything.


gaucho horse whisperer

Foto: by Somos Arraigo


For this reason Martin Tatta is a great gaucho horse breaking who has gone far showing his talent with passion, the connection between him and the equine is magical.

There are many horse tamers, horse whisperers, gauchos, and just people, who love horses, but this guy is very popular for his lifestyle, passion, and his incredible way to treat equines, also his history, how he started loving the equines while he was just a small kid.

It is very impressive how Martin relaxes, trusts, brings the horse to ground, and lays down on top of the horse and rubs his head against its neck.


the horse of the gaucho

Foto: Martin by Somos arraigo


Martin thinks that anyone can do what he does, “all it takes is some patience and love” and in his interview he describes the horse as if it were “everything” for him, so we can figure out that he can’t even think about a life without a horse.

More “Criollo horses” origins in Spanish here

Or if your would like to meet Martin and his amazing horses

Horsing around! Argentine Gaucho cowboy performs some amazingly controlled yoga with a horse for TV show ‘World’s Most Talented

Self-Taught Horse Whisperer Shares a Magical Bond with the Majestic Creatures

Meet Martin Tatta, Argentina’s Horse Whisperer

Source: Somos Arraigo (some of the photos here)
Martin Tatta

El gaucho que encanta a los caballos con susurros