Based on the life of this gaucho Don Segundo of San Antonio de Areco: Don Segundo Ramirez, the main novel about the Gauchos “Don Segundo Sombra” was written by Ricardo Güiraldes…


He used to work as a “resero” (cowboy) at the “Estancia” (farm) of Güiraldes, and he describes “don Segundo” the same as the real character: “His chest was vast, bony joints like a colt, short foot with big instep, thick hands with callus and a dark complexion with small eyes…”.



don segundo foto de documento  donsegundo_200  don-segundo-sombra y caballo


Don Segundo was born in 1860, and got married with Verancia Rodríguez in 1891. He worked for many Estancias in Areco: San Fermín, La Merced, La Fe, La Porteña, but never had any identity card nor employment contract.


Don Tomás Huarte, foreman of Estancia La Enriqueta, told some things about don Segundo:


– Don Tomás, while siping mate with don Segundo, ask him why being such a good worker, he stay just one year in one Estancia, then maybe two years in another Estancia an so on: “Look, if as a simple worker I stay here for two years knowing all your weakness, by the third one I will pretend to be the foreman, and that situation will not like you, and being a foreman for three or four years, by the fifth I will feel like being the owner and I should settled here.

Instead of this I prefer to go and feel free. I do not want to be tied to any obligation.”



– Don Segundo was in the fireplace with some others gauchos, and told this story: “I used to know a blind man in the Capilla town, to whom some people bring a horse, and that man begin to touch the horse in the neck, then feeling the horsehair in the chest, in the rib cage, and finally said: this animal is black, or bay or cream-coloured…”

One listener said: “wow…but, does he ever failed?”

Don Segundo: If he ever failed?, he failed all the time!!!