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Estancia landscapes in Argentina

Jules Charles Thays (1849-1934), better known as Cárlos, born in Paris on August 20, 1849, was the creator of many Estancia landscapes in Argentina. Architect, naturalist, landscaper, urbanist, writer and journalist, was nationalized Argentine. Also he was disciple...

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival

Gaucho Tradition Day Festival 2020:  "81st FIESTA de la TRADICIÓN" Special Celebration of the 81st Anniversary of the “Fiesta de la Tradición” : 1939/2020 This is the oldest and more prestigious gaucho festival in Argentina, that takes place every month of November in...

Exporting Argentine Asado

Exporting Argentine Asado : The argentine chef Francis Mallmann develop a fancy way of the typical Argentine asado, and he did it for two another celebrities: David Beckham and Guy Ritchie in Ashcombe, in England. Francis create a dome where there are hanging pieces...

The empanadas recipe

Empanadas recipe: can be as varied as the imagination allows in Argentina, but there are a serie of traditional fillings which should be taken into account.   And just as fillings are a multitude, basic empanada pastry is reduced to two versions: for baking and...

The gaucho empanadas etiquette

The gaucho empanadas etiquette: Enjoying an empanada in Argentina involves more than just biting into one and receiving satisfaction.   According to the experts, an empanada should be eaten correctly to be properly enjoyed:   - Empanadas are finger-food if...

Pampa nature in Argentina (part I)

Pampa nature: “The land is the most beautiful and gentle place I have ever thought of, nobody can get tired of looking at the land and at its beauty.” Pedro Lopez de Souza All grass and sky, and sky and grass, and still more sky and grass, the pampa stretched from the...


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