Camino Pampa has been honored with the only “Hall of Fame” Tripadvisor Award for an Estancia Tour Tripdavisor : we achieve five years in a row the “Certificate of Excellence” for our Estancia Tour tripadvisor

This is the most important award that tripadvisor is giving: Thanks to the whole flexible, reliable and solid team & suppliers, and specially to our amazing customers…

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In fact we got six years! in a row of the Estancia Tour Tripadvisor : Since 2013 till 2018!


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Yes! we also were given the estancia tour tripadvisor certificate of excellence on 2017, providing the most original and authentic gaucho experience near Buenos Aires. We made it again with a lot of determination to provide our customers with the “best possible experience in the Pampas of Argentina


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2016: THANKS to all the friends from all over the world who were visiting us


estancia tour tripadvisor hall of fame


2015: We start our third great year of the Real gauchos experience near Buenos Aires

This is one of the reviews from 2015 season:

Wonderful day tour, highly recommend! (written by willthatsall)
We were picked up promptly at 0830 as scheduled by the spacious and comfortable van for the ride from Buenos Aires to the town of San Antonio de Areco.

We spent some time walking around the town at a comfortable pace and had the opportunity to visit silversmiths and a delicious chocolate shop with time for shopping if we were interested. It’s a beautiful and friendly town – – our guide seemed to know everyone. Definitely a world of difference from Buenos Aires.

Next, we visited the estancia and we’re greeted with an empanada and choice of drink while we had some leisure time before lunch. We had time to walk around and see the horses and cattle as well as the gauchos at work. Lunch commenced and was generous to say the least. We had dinner plans but ended up cancelling after having so much to eat at the estancia. Sausage, chicken, ribs, ribeye, sirloin, and tenderloin steak. And if you wanted a second portion of one (or all) of the courses, the gauchos were happy to oblige. We were also treated to traditional gaucho music by one of the veteran gauchos during lunch.

After lunch there is an equestrian show in which the gaucho shows his ability to communicate and interact with the horse–very impressive and a chance for all of us to take photos with the gaucho and horse at that point.

Next we were able to ride horses with the gaucho (about 20 minutes, or so) and that concluded our day around 1630.

Last but not least, our tour guide, Manuel was spectacular. He is friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and has very entertaining stories. A true Renaissance man. Of the dozens – if not hundreds – of tours I have been on in my life, I believe he is the absolute best tour guide I have encountered. The others on my tour seemed to agree. I recommend this tour, and especially Manuel, without hesitation


estancia tour tripadvisor gaucho experience

And this it is just one example of the ones written in 2014 by Becca V about Estancia Tour Tripadvisor:


We absolutely loved our experience with Camino Pampa! We were traveling around Argentina quickly and cheaply, so this was a bit of a splurge. We debated spending the money, but were very glad we did! We were picked up in front of our hotel in a minibus/van with only one other couple aboard, who we enjoyed getting to know during the day’s trip. It was about an hour/hour and a half drive outside of Buenos Aires, but very comfortable and enjoyable. We first stopped in the city of San Antonio de Areco and saw the local church, a silversmith’s museum, and an artisan chocoloate shop. The history and information that Juan Manuel gave us was great! He was knowledgeable, knew everyone, and was funny! He was a great guide! After the the tour of the town we drove to the estancia. Arriving there had me awe; It was gorgeous! We got settled in and were offered empanadas and drinks (water, juice, wine, etc.). I’m vegetarian, and forgot to email them until late the night before, but when we mentioned it to Juan Manuel, he made sure to find me a veggie friendly snack and made sure that something special was prepared for our meal later. After our snack we had the option to browse the grounds, go on a carriage ride, or ride horses. We wanted to ride horses and had the most amazing time! I’m not a rider but have gone on tourist riding experiences before and felt a little uneasy. However, this time was amazing. The saddle was different than ones I’ve been on before and they made you feel comfortable and secure on the horse. I didn’t want to ever stop! When the ride was over, we had about 15min or so before lunch was served so they offered to take me, my friend, & our new friend from the minibus ride back out. After the ride we had lunch outdoors on the lawn with large round tables and nice table settings. We had endless wine, and to my husband’s and friends’ delight, what seemed like endless offerings of Argentinian meats. Lunch was amazing and our guide, Juan Manuel, ate with us. We felt like friends by the end of the meal! Afterwards, we heard live gaucho music and saw a gaucho perform a ceremony with his horse. It was one of the best life experiences I’ve had! While this is a tour package, it doesn’t feel touristy. The tour of the town was just us six and very personal and the owner of the estancia ate lunch with us so it felt like she was just having you over to her place. If you don’t go on this tour, you’re missing out!


estancia tour tripadvisor estancia gaucho experience



estancia tour tripadvisor gaucho experience san antonio de areco


If you would like to read the more than 450 five stars reviews about Estancia Tour Tripadvisor best award given to Camino Pampa


Briefly: We are running the only “original, authentic and sustainable” tour with a Socially Responsible Access to the Gaucho Heritage in our historical town San Antonio de Areco and Estancias.

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