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Foodie Tour to Estancia and San Antonio de Areco

Foodie Tour to Estancia and San Antonio de Areco : Known for having the best beef in the World, in Argentina, especially in San Antonio de Areco, the main dish in any meal will have at least ideally 99% beef in it.   So, it won´t be surprising to see that...

Buenos Aires gaucho tour with argentine beef asado

The Buenos Aires gaucho tour with argentine beef asado is one of the most Argentine experiences that you can have in the vast Pampas   The Argentine beef is most important foodie attraction in Argentina, and specially where it was originally born: in the legendary...

Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music “Chacarera”

There is a typical dance at the Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music : the popular "Chacarera" The Folklorica movement in Argentina re-introduced a wide variety of traditional dances to the Argentine public, including chacarera, a folk dance characterized...

Horseback riding in Buenos Aires ranch Tour

This is the most authentic horseback riding Buenos Aires ranch tour , with real argentine cowboys (gauchos) going through the fields of the Estancia El ombu.   Historically, the gaucho, the saddle and horse, are inseparable companions that represent the life in the...

Real gauchos Tour Buenos Aires Areco Estancia ranch

This is the most real gauchos Tour Buenos Aires with Areco Estancia ranch The most original and authentic gauchos experience pampas in Buenos Aires including gaucho town Areco and real working Estancia ranch pampas of Argentina     Run by Argentine locals of San...

Tour to Colonial Architecture in San Antonio de Areco

The Tour to Colonial architecture in San Antonio de Areco : will show you the evolution since the expansion under the crown of Castile that was initiated by the Spanish conquistadores and developed by its administrators and missionaries, till nowadays. The motivations...


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