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Argentina Farm stay

Descriptions made by guests of one of the best argentina farm stay near Buenos Aires Relaxing days at the farm. Customers talking about the Argentina farm stay: they left Argentina taking with them a the most original experience.   Review made by: "CrowneVic"...

Argentina Experience

Best Argentina experience. People sharing how was their journey into the Pampas of Argentina:   GlobeTrekkerRM April 23, 2019   Excellent, Authentic Gaucho Experience and Pampas experience. My wife and I spent an excellent day in the countryside outside of...

The Argentina cowboys

Unique and friendly Argentina cowboys Customers` reviews on trip advisor talking about the Argentina Cowboys that they met at the Camino Pampa Tour.   Review of: "Mark B" September 7, 2017 Fantastic day that exceeded all of our expectations First off, I highly...

Living a gaucho life

Martin Tatta, a real gaucho who lives a typical gaucho life, In San Antonio de Areco, a small city located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. The population of the city has a very country lifestyle, surrounded by horses, and gauchos. There are still Gauchos today!,...

Gaucho horse breaking with Martin Tatta

He is not a magician, but for sure he is a Gaucho horse breaking. Martin Tatta was born in San Antonio de Areco, a small city in northern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Since he has memory always had a special contact with horses, a special way to treat them, for...

Women in the Pampas

Women in the Argentine countryside were present since small villages  and the first estancias in Buenos Aires were settled throughout the vast fields. The women were the ones who inhabited these places throughout most of the day, while men were working in the fields...


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