Argentina horses Rehab center : Departing from Buenos Aires in kilometer 95 of National Route number 8: before arriving to the town and Estancias of San Antonio de Areco, namely the actual core of the horse race and of the Gaucho tradition, where well-known establishments for thoroughbred horses reproduction and breeding are settled, and also only 30km away from the city of Pilar, the epicenter of Polo playing.

There, with a strategic location stretching over 36 ha that used to belong to Estancia El Candil stud farm, the “Centro de Rehabilitación y Hospital de Equinos Kawell” (Horses´ Rehabilitation Center and Hospital Kawell) was built, with the investment of US$ 8 million.


The nursery of the Argentina horses Rehab center

Nursery of the Argentina horses Rehab center


In the only Argentina horses rehab center, the facilities of the Equine Service Rehabilitation comprise 32 boxes of 4×4 meters in what used to be the Estancia, “monturero”, a walker tour for up to 8 horses, underwater treadmill, oval swimming pool of 120 meters in perimeter with live underwater monitoring, treatment room, two showers, solarium track proprioception, inside walking track, outdoor track, pickets and fences.


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Training at the Rehab center


Kawell, which in Mapuche language means horse, it is today a center combining clinical medicine, world-class rehabilitation services, investigation and teaching.


Some of the equipment of the Argentina horses Rehab center:

Anesthesia equipment fitted with fans, multiparametric apparatuses, computerized radiology, high definition ultrasound, scanners with color Doppler and a Centellography Department that is the first in South America.


Argentina horses Rehab center buildings

The Argentina horses Rehab center buildings


As far as rehabilitation is concerned, Kawell is fitted with a system of aquatic therapies tours including a 1-million-liter pool. The treatment includes a walker, showers, and an aquatic belt placed under the water where the horse can walk in a semi-floating position.


horses thematic tour Areco

horses thematic tour Areco


The equine swimming pool has an oval-shaped and a depth of four meters. There is an island from where you can follow the movements made by the horse in the aquatic therapy. “There will be salt water, heated to 20°, which is the optimum temperature for the animal,”

The rehabilitation also goes through physiotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and electro-stimulation.


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Kawell facilities includes the only hyperbaric chamber for horses in Latin America.


The surgery department:

It is fitted with all the cutting-edge elements: “We have a 24-hour service, and a spacious operating room with a bed.
The joint work of the hospital and the rehabilitation center and the unique equipment and professionals makes Kawell the only one with this complexity in the world.


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