The Alfajor Chocolate Areco:


38 years ago, the teachers Carlos Gabba and Teresa decided to produce the best possible alfajores to be sold to the few tourists who came back those days to San Antonio de Areco as a typical souvenir from Argentina.


“They visited the Güiraldes Museum, Dragui silversmiths, maybe an Estancia and then had nothing to take as a souvenir after their tour: they think about an alfajor with a bath of dark chocolate that should be really rich, with real cocoa,” Carlos says.


He currently goes to the factory of La Olla de Cobre only to monitor, after almost 40 years of developing his small family business he recently delegated all the operations to his son Agustín.


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At the beginning they cooked the alfajores in their house and then took their production to the small handicraft factory, while continuing teaching in schools.

There was a time when the buses start stopping by their shop and the tourists buying hot chocolate and alfajores and then continued with a guided tour in Areco.


These alfajores from La Olla de Cobre are unforgettable.


Great alfajor chocolate areco of 55 grams, with two round cookies made of traditional flour, butter, sugar and egg, that were stuffed with a good layer of old-fashioned dulce de leche and then finally covered with delicious dark chocolate.


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Some small machines perform the melting, refining, “concado”, deodorizing and tempering of the chocolate, the central product of La Olla de Cobre, which also sells chocolates figures and Easter eggs.


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The process starts from the nibs or cocoa liquor (cocoa bean bits already processed, peeled, crushed and toasted imported from Ecuador and Brazil). The Concado is the process of churning chocolate that gives the termination; the more Concado the more refined and delicate will be the chocolate.


“There is a particle size measuring texture, if you have more than x amount of microns you will feel in the mouth and probably will be rough. When you finish refining and concado these crystallites are broken down to a point where your will not feel in the mouth” concludes the master chocolatier.

Thanks Silvina Beccar Varela

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