Live a one day experience on the Gaucho's Land.


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Towards the Pampas: Our properly licensed, skilled and fully insured driver will pick you up at your place in Buenos Aires.
Our aim is to provide you with the safest ride outside of the city and into the Pampas…


“Another Argentina”: Arriving at the “cradle of tradition” you shall experience the great contrast between the hectic metropolis you just left and the quiet
charm of anotherArgentina, that of the gauchos. Proud of its authenticity and old time ways, friendly San Antonio has a tangible sense of history and heritage.


“Access to the best”: Charged with symbolism, the silver pieces that gauchos wear and treasure, reflect not only their heritage and status but also their philosophy.
Our town thrives on a reputation built through generations by its artisans, their skill, artistry, and respect for traditions.
With us you will have access to the best.


“Estancia”: the way of the gauchos: Origin of the argentinian economic development, these Estancias produced the funds for the country´s flourishing.
Family owned and operated, this historical cattle ranch has managed to open its gates to visitors without losing
its cows, authenticity, love for horses, vegetation and the way of the gauchos.


“Equestrian contact (watch your step!)”: There are over 65 horses at the property, mostly “criollos” which means that, no matter how
well acquainted you are with these animals, or if this is your first time amongst them, you will be able to have a close encounter;
riding gaucho style, getting a tour of the grounds from a carriage, or simply petting them.


“Do have a cow!” : The moment you open your nostrils to the stories the breeze is telling, you will know that you made the right choice.
In the pastoral setting of the Estancia, and grilled slowly over wood, the traditional free-range beef, grants the opportunity
to feel and be filled like a true argentino!


“Newly gained perspective”: chances are you will be returning to Buenos Aires with a deeper understanding of Argentina,
its idiosyncrasy, customs, history and the warmth of its people…
or that you will have the biggest siesta on your way back digesting all the beef you ate and all the vino!



We are local experts about our town San Antonio de Areco and Estancias.

We know its geography, people and history. Our team is passionate about our historical town, the cultural legacy of Gauchos, argentine traditions and local craftsmen and Fine Arts.

We are local experts about our town San Antonio de Areco and Estancias, The invitation is to immerse in the local environment and traditions. We are committed to bring visitors the best & genuine “Pampa Argentina” experience.

We are also conscious about our responsibility with the community: while dealing with us, you are helping us in supporting many non-profit organizations in San Antonio de Areco.

The developer of Camino Pampa, Guillermo González Guereño, belongs to a family with a working ranch. While living in Buenos Aires, he worked in global companies like American Express and Johnson & Johnson. He has studied journalism, rural tourism, and has graduated with the university diplomas of Business Administration and Master in Business Administration.

Nowadays he participates actively in the social life of the San Antonio de Areco town, and is part of the Board of the “Tourism Association of San Antonio de Areco”. As well is involved in the support of some non-profit local organizations.


Foodie Tour to San Antonio de Areco Town & Estancia

Foodie Tour to San Antonio de Areco Town & Estancia : Known for having the best beef in the World, in Argentina, especially in San Antonio de Areco, the main dish in any meal will have at least ideally 99% beef in it.   So, it won´t be...

Buenos Aires gaucho tour with argentine beef asado

The Buenos Aires gaucho tour with argentine beef asado is one of the most Argentine experiences that you can have in the vast Pampas   The Argentine beef is most important foodie attraction in Argentina, and specially where it was originally born: in the legendary...

Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music “Chacarera”

There is a typical dance at the Estancia tour Buenos Aires with folcloric music : the popular "Chacarera" The Folklorica movement in Argentina re-introduced a wide variety of traditional dances to the Argentine public, including chacarera, a folk dance characterized...

Horseback riding in Buenos Aires ranch Tour

  This is the most authentic horseback riding in Buenos Aires ranch tour , with real argentine cowboys (gauchos) going through the fields of the Estancia El ombu.   Historically, the gaucho, the saddle and horse, are inseparable companions that represent the life in...

Real gauchos Tour Buenos Aires Areco Estancia ranch

This is the most real gauchos Tour Buenos Aires with Areco Estancia ranch The most original and authentic gauchos experience pampas in Buenos Aires including gaucho town Areco and real working Estancia ranch pampas of Argentina     Run by Argentine locals of San...

Tour to Colonial Architecture in San Antonio de Areco

  The Tour to Colonial architecture in San Antonio de Areco : will show you the evolution since the expansion under the crown of Castile that was initiated by the Spanish conquistadores and developed by its administrators and missionaries, till nowadays. The...


Schedule of the tour Town & Estancia

Semi-private service: pick up 8:00/8:30am and drop off in Buenos Aires 5:30/6:00pm.

Pick up/drop off

At your hotel or apartment front door in Buenos Aires. In a private tour: we can also pick you up/drop you off in the Cruise Terminal in BA, in the Domestic Airport J. Newbery or in the Intl. Airport Ezeiza (in this case extra fees applies)

Tour Appetizer/Lunch

Empanada with wine/beer, complete lunch of “asado argentino” served at the Estancia San Antonio de Areco. Main standard course is chicken/beef with variety of salads, but we can prepare a vegan/celiac menu or for some other dietary restriction.

Horseback riding in the Estancia

It is a light one, lead by the gauchos going through the fields of the working ranch. Or you can take a horse-drawn cart riding.

Semi-private/private service Tour

Semi-private (shared) Tour in English: transportation, tour guide and table at the Estancia are shared with up to 7 people in total. Private one (English/French/Spanish): people booking together have their own transportation, tour guide and table at the Estancia in San Antonio de Areco


The Tour rates are variable depending on: group size booking together, children, place to be pick up (Buenos Aires or Airport), semi-private or private service, luggage, extra services, special tailored tour, etc.

Cancellation Policy for normal dates

Communication of cancellation before 48hs of the departing hour for the Tour: no cancellation fee, within 48 and 24hs previous of the departing hour: cancellation fee of 25% of the total rate. Within the 24hs previous to the departing hour from Buenos Aires: cancellation fee of 100% of the total rate.

Not included in the standard rate

Services/activities or shows not specially included in the program of the Tour Areco & Estancia, stops/detours during the transfer in the standard itinerary from/to Buenos Aires, extra services, alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks between meals, towels, tips.

Weather conditions

The Areco Estancia tour is not cancelled in case of forecasted rain or rain: we adapt every activity in Areco Town and in the Estancia to the weather conditions. Some of the activities and demonstrations can be delayed, modified or cancelled for safety reasons.


You can bring up to one handbag per person. If your need to bring more luggage to the Tour to Areco & Estancia please clearly clarify it in your request so we can specially set the transportation for you.

Tailored tours

We can customize your tour with: special vehicle/activities, in some other language, visiting a different Estancia in Areco, for a big group tour, please let us know about your request filling up the contact form.

If you need extra information or about other subject please contact us



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